Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Working Group Whitepapers and Publications

Whitepapers and Publications


The EE HPC WG Power Measurement Methodology. This link can be found at the Green500 Website

Current and prior year's EE HPC WG Procurement Considerations documents can be found at Procurement Considerations Documents


  • Bates N, Hsu CH, Imam N, Wilde T, Sartor D, "Re-examining HPC Energy Efficiency Dashboard Elements," Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on High Performance Power Aware Computing
  • Thomas Scogland, Jonathan Azose, David Rohr, Natalie Bates, Suzanne Rivoire, Daniel Hackenberg, Torsten Wilde, James H. Rogers,
    “Node Variability in Large-Scale Power Measurements: Perspectives from the Green500, Top500 and EE HPC WG”. SC'15 Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis Article No. 74.
  • Bates N, Ghatikar G, Abdulla G, Koenig G, Bhalachandra S, Sheikhalishahi M, Patki T, Rountree B, Poole S, "The Electrical Grid and Supercomputing Centers: An Investigative Analysis of Emerging Opportunities and Challenges". Energiinformatik 2014. Springer Publications.  Zurich, Switerland 2014.
  • Scogland T, Steffen C, Wilde T, Parent F, Coghlan S, Bates N, Feng W, Strohmaier E, “A power-measurement methodology for large scale, high performance computing”. Runner-up Best Paper Award, Proceedings of the 5th ACM/SPEC international conference on Performance engineering. Dublin, Ireland 2014
  • Patki T, Bates N, Ghatikar G, Clausen A, Klingert S, Abdulla G, Sheikhalishahi M, "Supercomputing Centers and Electricity Service Providers: A Geographically Distributed Perspective on Demand Management in Europe and the United States," Proceedings of ISC16 International Supercomputing Conference
  • Coles H, Ellsworth M, Martinez D., et. al., “Hot for Warm Water Cooling”. SC11 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking and Storage. 2011 November 16. [Internet]. (c2011-2013).
  • Bates N, Patterson M, “Achieving the 20MW Target: Mobilizing the HPC Community to Accelerate Energy Efficient Computing”. Advances in Parallel Computing, volume HPC: Transition Towards Exascale Processing, published by IOS Press. 2013.
  • Sartor D, Mahdavi R, Radhakrishnan B, Bates N, et. al., “General Recommendations for High Performance Computing Data Center Energy Management Dashboard Display”. 9th Workshop on High-Performance Power-Aware Computing Conference, held in conjunction with the International Parallel and Distributed Processing Computing Symposium. Boston, MA 2013.
  • Patterson M, Poole S, Hsu C, Maxwell D, Tschudi W, Coles M, Martinez D, Bates N, “ TUE, a new energy-efficiency metric applied at ORNL's Jaguar”. Gauss Best Paper Award, ISC13 International Supercomputing Conference. Leipzig, Germany 2013.



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