Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Working Group SC13 Presentations

Super Computing Conference 13 Working Group Presentations

Building Energy Efficient HPC Working Group Workshop

Sunday Opening Remarks

Liquid Cooling Commissioning

HPC and the Electric Grid

  • Anna Maria Bailey: The Electric Grid and HPC
  • Josip Loncaric: Power and Cooling Transients: Requirements of HPC Workloads
  • Jim Rogers: The Impact of ORNL’s HPC Power Load Swings on the TVA Infrastructure
  • Bob Conroy: Value of Measurement and Power Provider Communications in High Performance Computing

Energy Efficiency Toolkit for the HPC Infrastructure

Procurement Considerations

Heat Re-Use


Data Warehouse Computers

  • Dan Reed: Data Centers, Cloud and HPC Optimization
  • Chris Malone

Monday Opening Remarks

Architecture Trends and Energy Efficiency

  • John Shalf: Computer Architecture for the Next Decade

Benchmarking and Energy Efficiency

  • Erich Strohmaier: Generalized Utility Metrics for Supercomputers
  • Wu Feng: The Green Index (TGI): A Metric for Evalua:ng Energy Efficiency in HPC Systems
  • Steve Poole: Data Motion projects at ESSC
  • Jack Dongara: Confessions of an Accidental Benchmarker
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