The Energy Efficient HPC Working Group is creating a Cooling Controls Team and is soliciting your participation. As a participant, your responsibilities could range from actively engaging in collecting, analyzing and documenting information to just getting copied on the minutes.  I am very pleased to announce that Chris DePrater, LLNL and Luca Bortot, ENI will be the technical Co-Leads for this Team


The initial deliverables for this team will be case studies of cooling controls systems. The Cooling Controls will build upon work done in the Controls Team. It also compliments current work in the Operational Data Analytics Team.


If you are interested in participating, please respond to Natalie Bates. Although your response is always welcome, it is requested that you reply no later than Friday, August 30th.  Please note, anyone who is already on the Liquid Cooling Controls Team List will be carried over to this team unless you specify otherwise


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Cooling Controls

Cooling Controls