SC13 Working Group Presentations

Building Energy Efficient HPC Working Group Workshop


Sunday Opening Remarks



Liquid Cooling Commissioning



HPC and the Electric Grid


  • Anna Maria Bailey: The Electric Grid and HPC
  • Josip Loncaric: Power and Cooling Transients: Requirements of HPC Workloads
  • Jim Rogers: The Impact of ORNL’s HPC Power Load Swings on the TVA Infrastructure
  • Bob Conroy: Value of Measurement and Power Provider Communications in High Performance Computing


Energy Efficiency Toolkit for the HPC Infrastructure



Procurement Considerations



Heat Re-Use






Data Warehouse Computers


  • Dan Reed: Data Centers, Cloud and HPC Optimization


Monday Opening Remarks



Architecture Trends and Energy Efficiency


  • John Shalf: Computer Architecture for the Next Decade


Benchmarking and Energy Efficiency


  • Erich Strohmaier: Generalized Utility Metrics for Supercomputers
  • Wu Feng: The Green Index (TGI): A Metric for Evalua:ng Energy Efficiency in HPC Systems
  • Steve Poole: Data Motion projects at ESSC
  • Jack Dongara: Confessions of an Accidental Benchmarker

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Energy Efficient HPC Working Group

Supercomputing Conference 2013