SC12 Working Group Presentations

"Third Annual Workshop on Energy Efficient HPC - Redefining Architecture and Data Centers"


Robin Goldstone



Bill Tschudi and Dave Martinez



Michael Patterson



John Shalf



Satoshi Matsuoka


  • Case Study: GPUs TSUBAME


Michael Ellsworth



Herbert Huber and Ingmar Meijer



Steve Hammond and Nic Dube



Jim Rogers




Birds of a Feather:  "Setting Trends for Energy Efficient Supercomputing"


Wu Feng


  • Opening Remarks


Craig Stephen


  • Methodology Change Overview


Jim Rogers


  • ORNL/Cray Beta Results


Susan Coghlan



Torsten Wilde



Rafael May Gual



Glenn Brook



Erich Strohmaier


  • Closing Remarks

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Energy Efficient HPC Working Group

Supercomputing Conference 2012