ISC17 Working Group Presentations

"Methodology" Birds of a Feather (BoF)



Subjects include:

  • The Green500 and its Evolution: Past, Present, and Future (Wu Feng)
  • Status of L2/L3 Measurements (Erich Strohmaier)
  • Green500 Measurement on Oakforest-PACS (JCAHPC) and Reedbush-H (ITC, UTokyo) (Toshihiro Hanawa)
  • The 21stGreen500 List (Wu Feng)
    • Trends and Evolution
  • TSUBAME 3.0, #1 on the Green500 (Akira Nukada)

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Energy Efficient HPC Working Group

ISC17 Working Group Presentations

ISC17 Working Group Presentations